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Proper Maintenance of Plant and Machinery is vital part of efficient and trouble-free running of any Industry. But, often the Maintenance aspect is not accorded much importance that it is supposed to be. This is primarily due to fear of not being able to meet supply commitments and the resultant business losses, if the Machines are taken for routine maintenance. Few people realize that any sudden Machinery break-down can stop production for days together, resulting in enormous business loss.

Plants with dedicated maintenance team score better in terms of efficiency and minimum shut-down period. A primary way to make the maintenance team deliver on time with high efficiency, is to impart them training, sharpen their skills and keep well informed on the most modern techniques.

We at, ROKADE GROUP, provide comprehensive training of various Maintenance aspects for: - Condition Monitoring, Vibration Data Collection, Diagnose Machine failure root cause Deciding on remedial measures Laser Shaft Alignment Balancing,

Balancing Training

Dynamic Balancing Training

Balancing Training

In Situ Balancing Training

Shaft Alignment Best Practices

Shaft Alignment Training

Onsite Training

Onsite Training

The training curriculum is constantly being refined with updated material, so you can be sure that you are being trained by the best methods and with the best equipment, especially by expert instructors who have over many years of combined field experience.

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