Vertical Dynamic Balancing Machine

Vertical Dynamic Balancing Machine

Vertical Axis Balancing Machines are used for balancing of Rotors with centre bores and outer diameter larger than the axial length, for example Flywheels, Pulleys, Pump Impellers, Grinding Wheels, Car Wheels, Brake Discs, Clutches and similar components.

Modern vertical axis machines have a hard bearing force measuring system, with such a structure that the rotational frequency is less than a third of the resonance frequency of the Rotor mounted on the Machine Spindle.


1. These types of Machines are best suited for mass production of disc shaped Rotors like Fan Blades, Impellers, Pulleys, Flywheels, Clutch assemblies etc.

2. Correction units like drilling/milling units can be mounted on the machine for on the Machines for removal of unbalanced masses.

3. The clamping is easy, efficient and fast to assist high throughput. This is further assisted by dynamic braking control options to save time and labour.

4. Great attention is paid to Machine Operator safety factors and options like safety shields and interlocks.

5. The angular disc provided on the machine spindle helps the Operator to easily locate the unbalance angle.

6. Electronic Remounting Control is a standard feature of our software to minimize the remounting errors.

7. Our Machines stand apart from other Brands in terms of quality and performance, and are most preferred by the Customers.

Technical Specifications

Single Plane Machines V 1 V 3 V 10 V 30 V 50 V 100 V 300
Two Plane Machines VT 1 VT 3 VT 10 VT 30 VT 50 VT 100 VT 300
Weight Capacity KG 1 3 10 30 50 100 300
Table Size - S (mm) 350 350 350 450 450 450 450
Table Size - M (mm) 400 400 400 500 500 500 500
Table Size - L (mm) 500 500 500 600 600 600 600