Balancing Instrumentation

Balancing Instrumentation

BASE (Balancing Assisted Software for Engineers)

Basic features

1. The BASE controller is fully digital and microprocessor based with CRT display, it has a built in ISO Calculator.

2. Display is available in Polar, Vector or Cartesian formats.

3. Software facilities include auto tolerance Calculation, system diagnostics through error messages.

4. Balancing results print out can be taken at any stage of balancing.

5. It is possible to select any geometrical configuration and feed data through the keyboard, in and out of tolerance indication, job history and job data storage of more than 1000 jobs

6. BASE is high-end dynamic balancing software designed with the operator in mind and service at site.

7. This software is designed for Windows 7, and fully compliant with Windows XP etc

MABI (Microprocessor Assisted Balancing Instrumentation)

Basic features

1. Fully digital microprocessor controller

2. Total solid-state signal conditioning

3. High accuracy & stability only achievable with digital control

4. Direct data input from front panel tactile Key pad with touch sensitive switches

5. High Readability Illuminated 7 segment LED displays

6. Real Time & bit data capture of system force & phase signals

7. External serial port for printer interface

8. Flexible tolerance level selection

9. System diagnostics for ease of servicing

10. Easy Calibration