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Submersible pumps

  • Dewatering Submersible Pumps
  • Sewage Submersible Pumps
  • Swimming Pool Cleaners
Dewatering Series :
Dewatering Submersible Pumps available in series from 1.5 Hp to  50 Hp with high discharge head from 2 mtr to 60 mtr. The pump outer body is completely Stainless Steel 304 with twins tungsten carbide mechanical seal for long life and for rotor shaft SS 431 for better magnetic result. The pumps are utilized in building construction, steel plants, mines, power stations, sites etc.
Portable Submersible Drainage pumps
Portable Dewatering Pumps, light weight, handy, compact, devoted to design and manufacturing for application in Steel Plants, Power Plants, Irrigation Projects, River water Pumping, Construction sites and all types of drainage applications.
MATERIAL Oil casing / Outer casing / strainer SS 304 Top / Bottom Bracket – Die Casting of aluminum alloy for Reduce corrosion in marine application.
ROTOR Rotor shaft SS 431 for better magnetic result.
IMPELLER SS 401 (Hardened) in abrasive application, SS 304 in marine application.
MECHANICAL SEAL Inner / Outer twins Tungsten carbide, mechanical seal at tandem at pressure compensate oil bath for increasing life.
MOTOR DATA Motor output power : 3.7 kw 5 hp current rating at 415 V : 8.0 Amps.Direct on line start, 2 pole induction continuous rated motor 380 Volts 415 Volts / 440 Volts –460 Volts, 50 / 60 Hz., 3 phase, Rated speed – 2850 / 3450 RPM (Approx) AC supply (Voltage / frequency combination as per requirement) with built in motor sheathed, oil & water proof having copper conductor of 6 cores of size : 4*2.5 & 2*1 of length 15 meters. Class of insulation ‘F’ (155°C)
Sewage Submersible Pumps :
Sewage Submersible Pumps
Special features :
  • ROKADE Sewage Submersible Pumps are available in series from 0.5 hp to 10 hp.
  • ROKADE Sewage Pumps can handle large quantities of solids thereby achieve dewatering as well as desilting.
  • The pumps are equipped with squirrel cage induction motor of continuous rating having ‘F’ class insulation with bi-metallic switches embedded in stator winding to protect against overheating.
  • Level Control Switches are supplied with the pump for automatic control of liquid level.
Benefits : It prevent frequent clogging of the sewer system due to sedimentation of mud, sludge, rage, plastics, cotton wastes etc.

Construction :

  • Discharge body in Grey Cast iron with anticorrosive treatment.
  • Impeller double / single vane, semi open, non-clog type. Pump with shredder
  • Mechanism. Oil bath type Mechanical seal and Oil seal ensures a longer pump life.
  • Motor Housing and handle in stainless steel.
  • Long life with less maintenance cost.
  • Quiet in Operation and easy to carry and handle.
Motor :
  • Single phase / Three phase motor with IP-68 Protection. Capacitor embedded in pump itself.
Swimming Pool Cleaners :
Swimming Pool Cleaners
Special features & Design :
  • ROKADE Submersible pool cleaner is available in 1.5 (3 phs) & (1 phs).
  • ROKADE Submersible Pool Cleaner has modern concept view of keeping the pool crystal clear with minimum efforts.
  • ROKADE Vacuum Submersible Pool Cleaner is fitted with wide section nozzle, spring loaded nylon brush to effectively remove dust and particle of stone then filtered through double fine filter bags with channeled stainless steel strainer. The Pump is compact and portable.
Advantages :
  • It avoids the loss of water
  • It is easily moveable on adjustable nylon wheel in and out of water.
  • It can be easily handled.
  • Frame in PVC coating avoids damage pool tiles.
  • It saves electricity.
  • While running it makes no noise.
Features & Design Advantage :
  • Light weight, easily maneuverable
  • Can work as a de-watering pump when required.
  • An inbuilt wall cleaning attachments provided.

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